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Converting JPEGs to PDFs is among individuals sort-of-everyday tasks that you will don’t consider until you’re ready to get it done, and you search for something to complete the job ideally freeware software and simple to use, too. But suppose this can be a frequent task, something do frequently as well as in large batches? Same answer: easy is nice, and free is much better.

This standalone free software converts single images or batches of folders and files to PDFs without needing Acrobat or any other PDF software. You are able to drag and drop files in it for fast conversion or add folders and files the traditional way. You may also convert multiple JPEGs to single-page PDFs for photo albums and e-books. It does not just handle JPEGs, either having a built-in Image Analyzer that instantly recognizes image types, it may also convert GIF, TIFF, PNG, and PSD files to PDFs.

JPG to PDF’s compact interface is centered by its drop box and enormous Convert button in addition to a number of large symbols labeled Add, Remove, and Add Folder they are essentially self-explanatory, that is good since the Web-based Help file’s link unsuccessful. We could connect to the program’s site and available documentation through the About file, though. A Settings dialog offered two options, Output Path and Conversion Mode the second is really a choice between transforming each JPEG one PDF or all of the selected JPEGs one PDF page.

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