Quick Heal Mobile Security 2020

Quick Heal Mobile Security Review:

Quick Heal Mobile Security is basically designed for Mobile devices to protect them from various threats and unauthorised users. It also protects tablets, Android, Blackberry and all Smart phones that provide real-time protection against virus threats, anti theft, annoying calls and messages. Quick Heal Mobile Security offers you to download the subscribed version or trial version with full features enabled to protect your device from any issues. It is integrated with number of features to use but some of them are not so necessary but can be explored easily. The Interface designed with a menu bar and its options available to be used in various cases.

Quick Heal Mobile Security offers you multiple scanning options are quick scan, custom scan for different parts of your mobile device and schedule scan allows you to set a scan of your choice. It also features with a call and message filter that blocks the calls and messages from unknown numbers or unwanted numbers. Quick setting notification allows you to quickly access the WI-FI, Bluetooth, Torch etc options. The Shareapp feature allows you to share Quick Heal Mobile Security application to other Android devices using Bluetooth, WI-FI or NFC. Trusted sim list feature lets you add multiple sim numbers to the list for extra protection. Besides that there are other features like Message center, call forwarding, Background scan, Auto virus updates, Antitheft, Personal security etc that is bundled in this application to provide maximum security to your Mobile device.

Quick Heal Mobile Security Features:

  • It performs multiple scans on your mobile device and detects the threats and makes your applications safe
  • Anti theft technology is used that protect your mobile device from any mishap
  • Personal security option needs to be registered to locate your number in any danger situation
  • Intruder detection takes the snapshots of your device if any user input wrong password two times on your device
  • Regular virus updates helps to detect latest threats
  • Shareapp allows you to share applications on any devices.

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