Avast Battery Saver for Android

Avast Battery Saver designed to save your mobile Battery life by optimizing the applications consuming heavy resources on your device. Avast Battery Saver helps you to check the apps running in your mobile, boosts the performance and saves your Battery. It also optimizes the phone settings like internet connectivity, screen resolution and timeout according to your choice. Avast Battery Saver also displays time, location and battery level automatically that helps you proper usage. Avast Battery Saver is a Avast software product designed for Android mobile devices which aims to save your mobile Battery life so to make it use for longer.

Avast Battery Saver is easy to use and delivers phone’s performance up to the mark. It lets you know when the battery will die with the precise option that estimates the life of your mobile Battery by determining the current usage and used data on your mobile. The working principle of Avast Battery Saver is it turns off the Wi-Fi connections when there is no hotspot available and allows limited usage of Internet. It also identifies and stops the applications that are consuming heavy resources on your mobile. The Emergency mode is activated when Battery life is low and turns off all the network connections, GPS or Bluetooth when you need it. Avast Battery Saver allows you to create profiles or can use automatic profiles like home, night, work and super-saving mode. The different modes can be switch to one another and can easily manage the apps on your mobile device.

Avast Battery Saver Features:

  • It increases your mobile battery performance up to 30% longer
  • It displays the battery level and time left in the status bar
  • It detects and optimizes the applications that consumes heavy power
  • It lets you choose between different profile modes and manage them within the apps
  • It turns of the Wi-Fi connections and limits the Internet usage when your device is not in use
  • It monitors the CPU usage and mobile data usage
  • It also uninstalls the app when required
  • Emergency mode helps you to use your mobile by closing all the programs.

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