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BMI is the body, mass and index that are used as a normal tool to calculate the healthy body weight of a person. BMI Calculator calculates the fitness level of men and women by assuming their body weight, height and activities they perform in their daily life. Due to its easy measurement and calculation tools it is most popularly used to identify a person’s weight depending on its height.

BMI Calculator uses two different techniques to calculate both for adults and children’s. It acts upon different body structures and body types and accordingly it calculates and takes out the positive and negative remarks. Its interface is nicely designed as you have just fill the information of your age, height, weight and gender in the boxes and the process goes on. It uses the two common unit systems to calculate BMI i.e. metric units and US units. Metric unit’s takes the input in kilograms for weight and meter square for height and US units takes pound for weight and inches square for height. But you can use both the units to satisfy your results. It also lets you use other units like temperature, area, volume, and time etc for other purposes. BMI also prepares chart and tables by taking informations worldwide about the different person’s average height and weight. The new feature that was included in BMI is version2 is a simple method for judging adult BMI according to the age. You can calculate your BMI by using BMI Calculator or by using the BMI formula.

The formula used to calculate BMI are:-

BMI= weight (kg)/height (meter square) for metric units

BMI= weight (lb)/height (inches square)*703 for US units

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