BullGuard Backup

BullGuard Backup is automatic Backup software that backs up data to external drives, USB drives, CD/DVD’s etc. BullGuard Backup protects all your important files and documents from your PC and also encrypts them to protect from Intruders. BullGuard Backup 30 day’s trial version gives you 5GB cloud storage and free encrypted PC based backup or you can download the paid version to get maximum cloud storage with more features.

BullGuard Backup provides faster backups as the files or documents take minimal time to get uploaded in BullGuards cloud server storage. The Drag and Drop feature can also be used to upload all the files manually. The data that are transmitted from your PC to the BullGuard Backup servers are encrypted to make it safe from network attackers. BullGuard allows you to access the files anytime and anywhere on your PC or mobile device whenever you require. Automatic backups feature allows you to schedule manually to be backed up daily, weekly and monthly according to your needs. BullGuard Backup allows you to set passwords in order to prevent unauthorized access.

BullGuard Backup Features:

  • Faster uploading
  • Drag and Drop manually uploads by the user
  • Securely accessible in any device and anywhere
  • Encrypted files and cloud when transfer process is on
  • E-mail back ups
  • Password protected from unauthorised access
  • Automatic backups manually set daily, weekly or monthly
  • Backup on demand allows you to run when you need.

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