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Copy Protect is another effective tool that is developed by that copies all types of media files like audios, videos, documents and pictures from illegitimate means of duplicacy, copying or distribution by unauthorized users. The current version of Copy Protect 2.0.4 trial version is available and can be used for limited period only. The registered version of Copy Protect 2.0.4 enabled with all improved features for the user.

Copy Protect supports large number of media formats like WMA, MKV for video, MP3 and WAV for audio, JPG and TIFF for image and DOC, XLS, PPT etc for documents. What it does is it converts all the media formats to executable files that will only execute in the drive chosen by you. It also allows other users to run the files but cannot copy into their own drive. The layout of Copy Protect is simple and can be used by less experienced users or professional users can also be benefited from this application. It lets you burn your CD/DVD’s and also allows you to change the bit rate of audio and video files and save them to the location you prefer. So it’s an effective application in terms of Copy Protecting your files, directories and drives.

Copy Protect Features:

  • It protects your media files from illegal copying from one system to another system
  • It prevent illegal duplication, distribution and data leakage by any illegal way
  • It provides you fully customizable settings for copy protection
  • It is compatible to windows 2000/xp/vista/7 and 8,10 operating system
  • File size is 23.6MB and there are some limitations in unregistered version of Copy Protect.

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