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Disk fragmentation is usually the primary reason for slow and unstable computer performance. To be able to accelerate hard disk for faster data access and outstanding disk performance, Smart Defrag provides efficient defragmentation to hard disk drives and SSD by optimizing file positioning and consolidating free space. You’ll be able to enjoy greater game starting speed, and duplicate files with simply half of times as before, etc.

Specific boot files within the system disk aren’t permitted to become moved securely while Home windows is running, which in turn causes a reduced and reduced system startup. The Boot-time Defrag feature of Smart Defrag  will easily do that project for you prior to the operating-system is fully loaded. In this manner, you may enjoy faster PC startup and top running speed most abundant in stability.

Smart Defrag 4 not just provides disk defragmentation just like any other tool does, but additionally maximizes it by intelligently streamlining your files according to using frequency. With IObit latest disk defrag engine, it is only as safe for the files as using windows. And you need to simply install & forget it. Smart Defrag 4 will instantly meet your needs without any data lost.

A new and smarter defrag engine rebounds more free space on traditional hard drives but skips solid-condition drives (SSDs), which will not be defragmented. The Smart Optimize tool evaluates the body and combines Defrag, Optimize, and Prioritize processes according to speed. Smart Defrag Trim tool is applicable the key TRIM command that can help keep the SSD neat and fast. The Trim tool even features its own disk map.

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