Adguard – Efficient AD Blocker

Adguard Web Filter 5.6 proves to be one of the best of its kind utility for blocking unnecessary advertisements and pop ups that open up while accessing certain websites.

Advertisements and pop ups that open up along with the websites act in a hazardous way to slow down the speed of the other main pages of the website. These advertisements sometimes also act as gateways for the entry of many viruses and malwares that would harm the computer. Adguard Web Filter 5.6 Download ensures that the computer is thus protected from such hazardous advertisements and thus speedy and quick access to websites.

Adguard Web Filter 5.6 does not in any hinder the working of the computer, it rather works safely in the background protecting the user’s time from all those disruptive banners, advertisements and pop ups. Adguard Web Filter 5.6 Update comes with the additional compatibility with Windows 8. Completely upgraded user interface and the provision of multilingual support of Adguard Web Filter 5.6 Update further add to its applicability. Thus with Adguard Web Filter 5.6, the users can be ensured of peaceful and enjoyable experience without the disturbance of any advertisements or banners while browsing the web.

  • Size: 1.4 MB
  • Version: 5.5 of 26 Novermber 2012

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