Epic Browser Free Download for Windows 7 32 bit

Epic Browser Free Download for Windows 7 32 bit

Epic Internet Browser is the first Indian browser that had been launched.

Epic Browser has been design and developed by considering the net users of India. The important thing to notice is that it has built based on the open source program from Mozilla Firefox.

Epic internet browser has in built anti virus so you may scan your computer and even download items. It includes more than 1500 Indian themes and Wallpapers.

By using Epic internet browser you can tweaked for more speed and faster browsing.

It has free 1500+ apps which includes

  • Gmail
  • yahoo Messenger
  • face book
  • Orkut
  • Cric info
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter apps and
  • Games.

Epic  Browser 2011 also supports many Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Bengali, orrissi and even more. It also warns for malicious websites and for Anti-Phishing protection.

Epic Key Features:

* Powered by Chromium with no web services. * No Data Collection. * Always-On Extreme Private Browsing.

* Actively Blocks thousands of websites, ad & social networks, search engines & more from tracking you. * Fingerprinting Protection. * Built-in AdBlock.

* Encrypted data preference (WiFi protection). * One-Click Proxy Surfing to hide your IP Address.

How to install Add on to Epic Browser?

The user can add more functionality and customization to the Epic browser through Mozilla Firefox Add-ons.
Install Add-on to Epic:

  1. Click Add-on app addon icon  in the sidebar.
  2. In the Get Add-on Tab, double-click Browse All Add-ons link. This will re-direct you to
  3. Find your favorite add-on you wish to add and click the button Add to Firefox.
  4. In the Software Installation window, click Install Now button.
  5. Click Restart now for the installation process of the add-on to complete. And now you can use the new add-on in the Epic.

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