MSN Explorer Free Download for Windows 7

MSN Explorer Free Download for Windows Review:

MSN Explorer 9.6 is one of the famous web browsers and it is developed by Microsoft. There are various versions of MSN Explorer available for you. Recently it lunches version and you will have many attractive features with that particular version.

Here you can able to find your favorite video and audio files in an easy and simple manner. Now integrated media player option is also available for you with the MSN Explorer 9.6. you will have many more other features with the MSN explorer such as send instant messages to your friends in an easy manner, search option is available for you to search any key, option to add favorites and many more other features. One of the best option with the MSN Explorer is you can add up to 9 users.  If you want to use MSN Explorer then first you have to install that particular web browser into your system.

MSN Explorer 9.6 Features:
*  MSN Hotmail®
* MSN Messenger Service
* MSN Communities
* MoneyCentral™
* MSN eShop
* MSN Music

System requirements and recommendations
* Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4, Windows Millenium Edition, or Windows 98
* Windows-compatible computer with 500-MHz or faster processor
* 128 MB or more of RAM
* Up to 320 MB of hard disk space during installation and up to 180 MB after installation
* 28.8-Kbps or faster modem or other existing Internet connection (Broadband service requires available USB or Ethernet port on the main computer, not on a hub or serial connection through other devices.)
* 256-color VGA or higher resolution graphics card
* CD drive (if installing from CD)

* 800-MHz or faster processor
* 256 MB or more of RAM
* Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
* SVGA or higher resolution graphics card
* 800 x 600 screen resolution
* 16-bit sound card and speakers.

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