Windows Live OneCare

Windows Live OneCare is built to work hands-free and automatic as you possibly can. It will check for updates and apply if required and monitor the machine to suit your needs.

Windows Live OneCare is Microsoft’s entry into the lucrative marketplace for consumer safety, which can not deliver to expectations.

At $ 49.95 for each year and services information up to three different teams, the first sales of Windows Live OneCare seemed to vie using its well-established competitors. Now, using the launch of McAfee Total Protection and Symantec Norton 360, the differences between these three super security suites are revealing. McAfee and Symantec offer a lot more improvements that Microsoft, which is new in neuro -scientific consumer safety.

OneCare will a great job of managing the shared printer. Whenever you install and share a printer on the three teams, OneCare automatically available to others. If you are using a Windows printer driver provided by rule, OneCare has shown that other PCs while offering to install the same driver there.

If you’re the type of driver that is installed on the printer manufacturer disc, OneCare definitely asks to set up the driver within the others by using their disc. Nice !

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